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Medical Refrigerant Gel Packs Biological Ice Packs Safety And Convenience Using

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Medical Refrigerant Gel Packs Biological Ice Packs Safety And Convenience Using

Brand Name : AIC

Model Number : AI-191202-01

Place of Origin : Hei Fei,An Hui,China

Type : Tank

Material : PE&NYLON

Color : white

Product name : ice pack

Style : Garden Accessories

Feature : reusable

Size : 18.5x12.5x9.5cm

Package : Bag

Usage : Transportation

Special features : Waterproof / Weatherproof

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Custom hot cold pack cool pack cooling pack gel pack ice pack

Biological ice pack is a kind of biological product. It is used to refrigerate items and keep its low

temperature. For aviation, it is forbidden to use dry ice, but it must be used. Ultra-low temperature

dry ice technology ice pack in ℃ temperature range. The product can be used on airplanes and

aviations, can be used repeatedly with low cost, and can be used where there is a refrigerator.

It has obvious advantages such as use cost, safety and convenience, and surpasses dry ice in many aspects.

Main ingredients: high polymer, water absorbing resin. The contents of the ice pack are basically

composed of high-polymer compounds with large cold capacity, non-toxic, and tasteless as raw

materials. Its contents are transparent, non-corrosive, non-reflective, and elastic. The main material is CMC.

Biological products: vaccines, toxoids, immunological preparations, insulin, serum, etc. Biological

vaccines must be kept cold during all aspects of storage, transportation and use. Because biological

vaccines are sensitive to temperature, from the biological vaccine manufacturing department to

the site of vaccine use Every link between them may fail due to high temperature. In order to

ensure that the vaccine used in planned immunization has proper refrigeration equipment throughout

the entire process from production, storage, transportation, distribution to use, so that the vaccine

is always kept under the prescribed cold storage state, and the reasonable titer of the vaccine is

not damaged. The advent of refrigerated ice packs has changed this problem.
Bio-ice is made of high-tech biological materials. It is a novel freezing medium, clean and non-toxic,

and there is no water pollution during thawing and thawing. It has a high specific heat capacity,

which is 3 to 4 times that of ice. It has good heat transfer and thawing melting rate and good cold

preservation performance. It can also be directly shaped and reused.

1. For long-distance refrigerated storage and transportation of biochemical reagents, solder paste,

veterinary drugs, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, ornamental fish, dairy products, meat products,

agricultural products, flowers, vegetables, and fruits.
2. It is used for medical treatment of high fever and cooling, antipyretics, anti-inflammatory and

analgesic, cold compress beauty, sprain, fall, hemostasis, skin care, suppuration and other auxiliary

physical therapy.
3. Refrigerated transportation of various biological freezing reagents, long-distance refrigerated

logistics of solder paste, poultry medicines, medicines, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry,

ornamental fish and foreign trade fresh-keeping food.
4. Cold storage and power saving, which can release the cold quantity when the refrigerator is

powered off, maintain the refrigerator at a constant temperature for a certain period of time, and

reduce the number of refrigerator startups when the refrigerator is working to save power.
5. used in sports athletes training and competition outside the injury, sprain, fall and other uses.
Biological ice packs belong to the classification of ice packs. CMC, a new type of large-capacity

substance, is used to keep biological agents such as medicines, blood, and fruits that require

low-temperature transportation. Biological ice packs have nothing to do with living things.
Ingredient safety: non-toxic and non-corrosive, not restricted by aviation, trains, etc., can be

carried on airplanes and trains, can be used repeatedly, and the use cost is low
Use is not restricted by region: dry ice can only be purchased from first-tier big cities. If there

is a thermal insulation box, foam box, and low-temperature refrigerator in the ice pack, you

can use a technology-type ultra-low temperature ice pack to facilitate low-temperature transportation

in remote areas and field sampling in scientific research institutes
Sanitary and non-toxic: The product has passed the ISO9002 international quality certification,

and it is certified as safe and non-toxic.
Long holding time
Tested by an independent agency in the United States, technology ice is 6 times the holding

time of ordinary ice of the same size. It has sufficient cold storage capacity and is hygienic

and non-toxic. It is widely used in the storage and distribution of frozen and refrigerated goods

such as vaccines, diagnostic reagents, blood, and low-temperature food.
Disposable biological ice pack: It is mainly used for perishable products, biological agents and

all products that need to be refrigerated. If it is transported with the product during transportation,

it cannot be recovered for reuse, and a disposable ice pack is used.
How to use: First put the ice pack in water and rub it with your hands to make the technology ice

expand. It is best to expand to about 1 cm. After the expansion, take out the surface water and

dry it, then put it in the refrigerator to freeze. used
A. This product is for cold storage only and inedible. If the contents get into your eyes accidentally,

wash them thoroughly with water. If accidentally ingested, drink plenty of water and spit it out as much

as possible, please contact the doctor in time if necessary.
B. This product is safe and stable, non-toxic and tasteless. If it leaks, rinse with water.
C. If the bag is not damaged, it can be repeatedly frozen and used repeatedly.
Reusable. Its content is gelatinous, which can be reused N times, saving costs. It is dual-use cold

and hot, with high cold capacity. Its cold source release is uniform and slow (cooling speed is 6 times

slower than ice cubes). Good aging time, because ice cubes will cause water stains when they are

released from the cold, which will easily affect the quality of the goods, so biological ice packs are

widely used in air cargo.
Ancillary equipment Bio-refrigerators, thermal insulation boxes, and cold storage bags are made of

food-grade environmentally friendly LLDPE materials and processed through the world's most

advanced ----- rotary molding process at one time. There are rubber non-slip mats, non-toxic,

tasteless, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to change color, smooth surface, easy to clean, good thermal

insulation effect, not afraid of falling, can be used for life. Continuous refrigerating and holding time

can reach several days. It is suitable for long-term refrigerating and fresh-keeping of any item.

It is suitable for outdoor leisure activities such as camping, picnics, fishing, rafting, etc; it can also be

used for medical sampling, sampling, biological agent refrigerated low-temperature transportation, Blood

transport and more! It can also be used to store items that need to be kept fresh when shopping in the supermarket!
Application method Ice pack is an upgrade and replacement product of ice cubes. It has a longer

refrigerated time and more applicability. It is easy to use, hygienic, and widely used. It can be used for

long-distance refrigerated transportation. , Anti-inflammatory and analgesic, cold compress beauty,

medicine preservation
How to use biological ice pack:After putting the ice pack (ice pack) in the freezer room for

sufficient pre-cooling for 12 hours, it can be used as a freezing medium for any food, medicine, etc. as needed.
Notes on the use of biological ice packs:
1. Inedible.
2. Place the ice pack flat before freezing, or determine the shape as required.

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